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weeknotes – the story so far

This is the new Really Interesting Group blog. We’re going to start doing weeknotes from now on but we thought we’d better start with the big events up to date and some general scene-setting.


We started Newspaper Club about a year ago. That seems to be going well. More of that later.

We did DataDecs at Christmas. That seemed to go well too but we’ve not done anything with the idea since. We need to get on with that. Similarly we made S3FM a while ago and while there’s definitely something in it we need to work out exactly what it is. We’ve been rather consumed with Newspaper Club.

We’ve also done a ton of client projects:

We did some thinking about objects for Radio 4 and about events for BBC 4. We’ve done work for Nike, Nokia and The Guardian via Wieden+Kennedy. We’ve done strategic and design work for Innocent, Penguin and Umbro. And we’ve done something for Apple but we’re not allowed to talk about it.


When we started RIG one of our plans was to find a place where we could bring interesting people together (other than us) and we seem to have managed that too.

BERG and Ruby Pseudo are formal tenants. Chris Heathcote, Phil Gyford and James Bridle are renters of desks and Tinker are in an office upstairs. It’s nice.


We are Ben, a designer, Tom, a developer and Russell, who does a lot of PowerPoint.