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weeknotes – first two weeks of June

Exciting news! Ben and Tom have discovered that I’ve been writing these and have sent me lists of what they’ve been doing (censored to remove sensitive client information, with additional notes from me in italics)


Launched this.

Worked on a new homepage.

Went to the D&AD awards, where NC was In Book but no Pencil.

Did some work on a secret project codename: Common Garden Bird (which we can now reveal is

Went jousting because it was half term.

Cut things out and stuck them on big foam core boards.

Finished the design of the NC homepage.

Had serious meetings with our frivolous investors.

Discussed Nike Grid 2.

Visited a Media Company.


Cycled 400km. Slept under the stars.

New front page on Newspaper Club. Some work behind the scenes fixing boring bugs/adjustments.

Plotted a workshop with Tinker. (We’re planning on doing a series of Post-Digital Workshops in collaboration with our friends at Tinker. Want to come?)

Stared longingly at my plotter.

All of which makes me feel rather underemployed. Because all I’ve done is write some PowerPoint for a large sports related organisation, have some meetings and write some stuff for Wired and Campaign. Ah well. Onwards.