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Radio Roundabout

Radio Roundabout

The past couple of years we’ve done stupid Christmas things for our friends. Two years ago it was Things Our Friends, last year it was DataDecs, but this year you’re all our friends. (Up to a maximum of 1,500 simultaneous connections. Or so. Engineering aren’t sure.)

Because: on Friday 3pm-5pm GMT (that’s the breakfast show for you people on the West Coast) we’ll be hosting a special festive radio show live on the web. Songs, requests, weather, traffic news and special guests including Matt Biddulph, Matt Sheret and others to be named later. Plus – a special show-within-a-show appearance from Shift Run Stop. All live, you have to be there, no podcast, no listen again.

Festive resquests can go to @radioroundabout. Most details will be there. Then, 3pm Friday, get your eggnog latte and your mince pies together, put your feet up and gather round the warm fire of MOR that will be Radio Roundabout.