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The beauty under the beast: a tour of silicon roundabout

We were invited by the Danish Centre for Digital Urban Living to show some 20 Danish journalists and editors around East London. Every year, the centre organises trips to so-called “digital cities” and they’d been to Seoul and Tokyo before so this was quite a challenge.

Beyond the obvious Silicon Roundabout malarky, one of the things that makes East London special is the combination of creativity and cheap real estate. We invited some of our friends from the immediate area and beyond to come and do quick pecha kucha-like presentations of their latest work. We also walked around to visit some studios so that our guests could understand the advantages of living a 10 minute walk away from some rather special people. Beyond the hip graffiti outside #shitoffice (also known as our former office space around the corner) the area is not particularly pretty. It was a surprise for our guests to see beautiful insides to the grubby outsides and I thought I’d keep track of them.

We invited friends from OpenIDEO, Moving Brands, Poke, W+K, Darq, Wired UK, Pachube, The Cities Institute and more. It was grand and we had fun. We ended the day with a drink around the corner and dinner on Kingsland road of course. It’s about the little things.

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