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Introducing FRSTEE

In late 2009, RIG experimented with post-digital products. Datadecs was born as a short run of laser-cut Christmas decorations and a rapid-prototyped plastic snowman for 50 of our friends.

Two years later, the frenzy around rapid prototyping (as demonstrated by the latest V&A exhibition The Power of Making) and a sort of general comfort around laser-cutting led us to focus our efforts into making the rapid-prototyped snowman come to life into something everyone could enjoy.

After months of work, finding the right partners, building the information flow, we’re very proud to announce the launch of FRSTEE today.

FRSTEE is a Christmas decoration rendered from your Twitter data.

You enter a Twitter username and your data is turned into a unique 3D design file. The snowman’s head gets bigger with your number of followers, and the buttons down the front represent the number of years you’ve been using the service. Your Twitter username also appears at the bottom of the snowman. The 3D file is generated (thanks to Andy Huntington) and is sent for printing to our friends at Inition. We then ship it to you. Simple! You can use anyone’s Twitter handle, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

Turning an experiment into a micro-business in the world of post-digital is always an interesting challenge and we hope you’ll give it a go!

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