This website is no longer being updated. RIG is on permanent hiatus.


We don’t update this very often do we? Well, to make up for that, here’s some recent news:

SxSW and the New Aesthetic


Last week, James, Ben and Russell went to Austin to do a panel on the New Aesthetic. Only James really understands the New Aesthetic but Ben and Russell managed to cobble enough together for the talk. It seemed to go well. Bruce Sterling thought it rocked. You can read about all the talks via here.

The best bit – we got to hang out with Joanne, George, Aaron and The Drone.

drone pool

Pepys Road

James and Phil have been working with Matt and the Storythings crew imagining and building Pepys Road. That launched the other week. Seemed to go well. It’s a lovely thing.

Newspaper Club embeds

Newspaper Club is going from strength to strength. Sales are good, customers seem happy and, just the other day Tom built and launched Embedded Newspapers. It looks nice, it works well, it could be the most significant advance in the newspaper business since bingo.

Look – for instance – here’s a newspaper about truffles:

Good Night Lamps

Alex’s splendid Good Night Lamps got their own website last week. Easily the best Internet of Things project you’ll see anytime soon. She’s currently in the murky world of investor speed dating. Send money!

Making Magazines

Newspaper Club at #makemags

Russell went to talk at a lovely conference called Making Magazines – ably assisted by Ben who livetweeted during his talk but based it on stuff that Russell wasn’t saying. That seemed to go well and attracted lots of positive feedback so we’ll probably do that again.

New York?

We’re not really sure what Gareth has been doing except he’s been to New York a lot recently and he’s trying to hire a design company.

And, finally, in picture news, here are the latest things on everyone’s flickr streams.

View of the Palace from DFID

Ben’s been visiting DFID.

The Messe Fairground (Messegelände Hannover)

Alex has looked at architecture in Hanover.

First, take your bandicoot... (Grandma's Mrs Beeton, Australian edition of 1937.)

James has been reading Mrs Beeton.

Tom’s been down the allotment.

Future Barbican cinemas

Phil’s keeping an eye on the Barbican.


And Russell found a space squid.

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