This website is no longer being updated. RIG is on permanent hiatus.


Newspaper Club Logo

Newspaper Club

Our biggest project to date is Newspaper Club. It started as a silly experiment (Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet) and ended up as a business being written about by The Guardian, the BBC and Fast Company.

S3 FM Logo


S3FM started because Russell wanted to make Permanent Bedtime and asked Tom to make a way to stream audio out of S3 folders. Which he did. And then Ben did a logo which made it look like a radio station. If you’d like some randomly interesting audio you could try the Speechfication/S3FM station.

The plan is that, eventually, S3FM will evolve into Radio Club.



We’re interested in the way the digital and the analogue interact – particularly the way digital stuff can be transformed into objects. Previously this has tended to end up in something meaningful and artistic. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted to do something quotidian and trivial. So we took people’s social network data and transformed it into Christmas decorations using 3D printing and laser cut acrylics. Then for Christmas 2011 we made a business out of it with FRSTEE.

Looking for women

Curious Scarves

Curious scarves are unisex scarves that allow you to share you relationship status with the world. Using the visual cues of the game of noughts & crosses, 3 patterns that signal “looking for men”, “looking for women” and “looking for both”. Because dating is hard in the big city.

Big Red Button

The Big Red Button is a shiny round plastic red button that triggers the spacebar to be pressed when you press the button. Very useful for presentations and other digital shenanigans. Made by Daniel Soltis, after Russell came up with the idea. On sale now! Featured as part of the MoMa’s exhibition Talk to Me

Where the F**k Was I? (A Book)

Where the F**k Was I? is a book by James mapping a year of location data, as recorded automatically by his phone, without his knowledge. You can read more about the project at, and the book is available for sale at Lulu.