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Silicon Roundabout T-shirts and Hoodies

Over a year ago, we designed Silicon Roundabout hoodies as presents for the Dopplr team who were moving to Berlin when they joined Nokia. Since Matt Biddulph, Dopplr co-founder, had originally coined the name, it seemed a good way of honouring his contribution to the friendly community in this neck of town. And we made a few for ourselves.

Surprise Silicon Roundabout merch

But lots of people seemed to like them, and kept asking us where they could get them. Well, ask no more!

It’s taken us a while, but we’re now selling Silicon Roundabout t-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colours and sizes, and you can buy them direct from our Spreadshirt shop.

And not only that – we’ve also released the logo as an Adobe Illustrator file, EPS and JPG. It’s licensed under Creative Commons (attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives). If you want to do anything that doesn’t fall under that, please ask us. We’re friendly.