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The Really Interesting Group is, in alphabetical order:

  • Ben Terrett

    Ben Terrett

    Ben is a designer. He’s one of the founders of Newspaper Club and Creative Director on the Guardian and Nike Grid accounts at Wieden & Kennedy. Ben is also a Board Advisor to id8, an Application Definition & Design company based in San Francisco. He’s spoken at conferences around the world, judged all the best awards, written articles for the trade press and even been on the Today programme. He blogs at Noisy Decent Graphics.

  • Gareth Williams

    Gareth Williams

    Gareth helps start-ups and young businesses establish themselves and grow, working as a manager, non-executive director and consultant. He also regularly writes and edits, mostly at culture blog The Dabbler. And, when he can get down to it, he messes around on a farm.

  • James Bridle

    James Bridle

    James is a publisher, writer and technologist. Since 2007 he’s maintained, exploring the intersections of literature and technology. A former fiction editor, he founded Bookkake, bkkeepr, and Open Bookmarks, and clients have included independent and multinational publishers, national arts organisations and digital agencies. He makes things with books and the internet, and talks about them at conferences worldwide.

  • Phil Gyford

    Phil Gyford

    Phil has been designing and building websites since 1995, with clients including Google, the BBC and Channel 4. He has previously worked for Wired magazine, studied physical theatre, made models for Aardman Animations, and has a masters degree in Future Studies. He runs The Diary of Samuel Pepys and writes at his website.

  • Russell Davies

    Russell Davies

    Russell spent most of his working life doing advertising and communications strategy. He’s good at PowerPoint. But he’s also a columnist for Campaign and Wired UK, an author of a book called Egg, Bacon, Chips & Beans and an organiser of the Interesting conferences. Future interests are likely to include: embodying media in objects, designing stupid domestic robots and building dashboards out of sound. He also runs a blog.

  • Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor

    Tom is a creative technologist and engineer. He makes software and hardware for the web, and enjoys the fuzzy area between the two. Previously, he’s worked for Headshift, developing social software, as a radio engineer at the BBC, and on international development projects with Engineers Without Borders. He maintains an infrequent and obscure blog at

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